Re-branding Video Ad for “Nutrifi Organic Grocer”.

All aspects of branding including tone, voice, mission, color palette, tagline, fonts and logo were applied in the making of this video ad. The goal of this project was to rebrand the grocery store “Lazy Acres” to a brand that accurately reflects a healthy, organic active lifestyle.

The tone of the “Nutrifi” brand is healthy, energetic, active lifestyle. This video ad shows scenes of people being active such as jogging and stretching as well as healthy fresh foods and people enjoying meals together with an upbeat instrumental track in the background. The people are of all ages because the products are for anyone. The shots include overlay text which say “Helping you to stay healthy”  “and eat fresh” “Providing only the best…” It includes the tagline, “Nutrifi for life” and the video ends with a shot of a couple people running happily in a field and then a shot of the logo mark.